Monday, December 28, 2009

Tarte Takes on Chapped Lips

Each year I dread the change of summer to fall/winter because I know what it means: chapped lips. NOTHING seems to work on me - not Vaseline, regular chap stick, Soft Lips, Carmex, etc. So I was talking to a makeup artist in Sephora about my chapped lips a few months ago and she recommended Tarte's fRxtion, a natural sugar and lip balm duo.

I absolutely LOVE this product. It's only $11 and it works great. Basically, you take the dark tan side and rub it all over lips, then use a Q-Tip to buff the dead skin off. After that, you apply the white moisturizing side to your lips.

Plus, the packaging of this product is so cute - it even includes a little mirror! If you have chapped lips that just won't go away, I think this product is well worth the price.


  1. oh this is so fantastic! im hoping that i can find this in my mini-sephora in J.C. Penny's tonight when I go shopping! Thanks for the heads up :)


  2. I'm heading to Sephora tomorrow. I'm def gonna check this out!