Thursday, December 31, 2009

Becca cosmetics on today

I've never tried the Becca brand before, but is offering some good deals ($10-$22) on some of its products, like creme eyeshadows, foundation sticks, creme blush, loose shimmer powder, and more. Nothing caught my eye though, but maybe something will catch yours!

Anyway, if you're interested in viewing this sale, click here.

Forget boys. I love MAC's PenUltimate Eye Liner!

How, oh how, could I have lived without you for so long MAC PenUltimate Eye Liner? I bought this eye liner yesterday at Macy's. The MAC makeup artist there told me that with practice, the PenUltimate liner makes doing a "cat eye" a piece of cake. Well, she wasn't lying. On the first try, I did a perfect wing on my right eye. The left, however, needed some work. But still for $16.50, this stuff is AMAZING. I'm going to use it tonight for my New Year's look!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Story of the Day: Get Rid of Bloodshot Eyes

I was watching Extra TV last night and it featured a segment on how to get rid of three common eye problems (puffy eyes, dark circles, and bloodshot eyes). What I was shocked to learn is that there is actually a surgery called "Eyebright," where an eye surgeon can permanently get rid of bloodshot eyes.

How does the surgery work? Basically the surgeon removes the membrane that holds the blood vessels and in about two weeks your eyes naturally turn white. Apparently, the surgery is "painless." Crazy, huh?

Unfortunately, it costs $4,000 per eye for this surgery. So I wouldn't throw away those eyedrops just yet!

To watch this Extra TV episode, click here.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Obsession:

Looking to score great deals on designer makeup, clothes, jewelry, etc.? Then be sure to sign up for a free account on where you can find AMAZING deals on things you probably wouldn't be able to afford.

For instance, HauteLook has Kevyn Aucoin Beauty Products as a featured sale today. There are some nice brushes on there for around $11 each (there's a nice kit of brushes too for $56).

COMING SOON: BECCA Cosmetics - sale will open 12/31/09 PT. I've never tried this line before but I am going to give it a looksy.

I first learned about from a video by fafinettex3, my absolute favorite makeup guru. Urban Decay had a sale on there with unbelievable deals and products, but I got to it too late and most of the products were sold out!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Tarte Takes on Chapped Lips

Each year I dread the change of summer to fall/winter because I know what it means: chapped lips. NOTHING seems to work on me - not Vaseline, regular chap stick, Soft Lips, Carmex, etc. So I was talking to a makeup artist in Sephora about my chapped lips a few months ago and she recommended Tarte's fRxtion, a natural sugar and lip balm duo.

I absolutely LOVE this product. It's only $11 and it works great. Basically, you take the dark tan side and rub it all over lips, then use a Q-Tip to buff the dead skin off. After that, you apply the white moisturizing side to your lips.

Plus, the packaging of this product is so cute - it even includes a little mirror! If you have chapped lips that just won't go away, I think this product is well worth the price.

Pretty in Pink

I rarely ever use pink eyeshadow, but I felt like experimenting, so here's what I came up with for today. I used the Coastal Scents Matte 88 palette, which is a great palette for those beginning to play with makeup. It's affordable and the colors are pretty pigmented.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Saturday Night Shimmer

So this is the look that I am wearing to a friend's party tonight. I used the Two-Faced Liquif-Eye Shadow Collection ("Ultimate Eyes Collection"). It consists of 12 eyeshadows that can be transformed into eyeliner with the "liquid eyeliner transformer."

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Clarisonic Christmas!

Happy Holidays everyone! Santa left a special surprise for me under the Christmas tree that I wasn't even expecting! As you can see above, I got the Clarisonic skincare system. While I get minor breakouts, I have VERY dry skin in the winter (and oily skin in the summer). So Santa thought this system would help me (thanks big guy!). Santa also told me that I can use this on my body as well.

What does this Clarisonic skincare system do? It supposedly removes 6x more makeup than manual cleansing (making products absorb better); leaves skin feeling and looking smoother; approves skin tone and reduces pore size; helps reduce oily spots, dry skin, and blemishes; and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I'm a little nervous though that this system will all of a sudden bring out hidden acne or irritate my face. Right now, I just use Dove Sensitive Skin bar soap twice a day on my face. If I don't like the Clarisonic system, I'll feel terrible about having to send it back to the North Pole.

Anyway, if you've used this system before, let me know how you liked it!

Drugstore Makeup Purchases

So I have extremely sensitive skin and can't wear most foundations, like MAC, without getting minor breakouts. I'm a huge fan of Almay's foundation, especially since my dermatologist recommended it. I ran out of my foundation yesterday and went to CVS and bought the Almay Smartshade makeup in light/medium for $13.99. It's an interesting formula - it comes out in a whitish color and you blend it on your face with your hands and it automatically changes to the perfect shade for your skin. It's not as good coverage as Almay's regular foundation but I'm still going to continue to use it, especially since I paid $14 for it.

Then, for a whopping $16, I bought Maybelline's Pulse Perfection mascara because I absolutely HATE the Makeup Forever's Aqua Smoky Lash mascara that I bought. I chose Maybelline's Pulse Perfection because my absolute favorite mascara in the entire world is Lancome's Oscillation mascara, which is $34. The Pulse Perfection mascara is OK, much better than Makeup Forever, but when I have the $$$, I'm going to buy the Lancome Oscillation mascara too. Then again, I have the shortest lashes ever, so there is really no miracle formula for me!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Get the Look: Plum Pretty Eyes

Hey everyone! So here's a look I did last night for a holiday party I went to with my girls. Keep in mind: I HATE the mascara that I am using right now. It's awful and it doesn't give my lashes any height plus it makes them stick together no matter how hard I try to separate them. Anyway, if you like this look, here's how I did it:
1.) Start by using your ring finger to gently pat on an eye primer to your eyelid all the way up to your browbone (two primer good choices are Urban Decay's Primer Potion and Two-Faced Shadow Insurance, which is what I use). A primer helps your shadow to stay on longer, plus it makes the colors of your shadow stand out more. If you don't have a primer, you can always use liquid foundation.
2.) Using my MAC 213 shader brush (there are many affordable dupes for this brush out there), I applied MAC's Hush eyeshadow to the inner corners of my eyelid and right underneath my browbone. Applying a light shimmer color to the inner corners of your eyelid helps to give a more awake, fresh look.
3.) I then flipped my MAC 213 brush over to the other unused side and applied MAC's Beautiful Iris eyeshadow to the middle portion of my lid. So, basically I sectioned my eyelid into three parts - the first being closest to the corners of my eye where I applied Hush, then this being the second part.
4.) Using the same MAC 213 brush (I just flipped it over again to the side I used Hush eyeshadow on), I patted on MAC's Satellite Dreams eyeshadow to the outer half of my eyelid. Then using my MAC 217 Blending brush, I took some more Satellite Dreams eyeshadow and blended it in windshield wiper motions into my crease (your crease is that part of your eye that sinks into your eyesocket).
5.) Using the MAC 217 brush again, I swept MAC's Fig 1 eyeshadow into the outer V of my eyelid (watch this tutorial on how to find your "outer V"). The more dark color you apply to the outer V of the lid, the "smokier" and more dramatic your eye will be. A MAC 217 brush is not the most ideal brush for this look. You really need a crease brush like this one, which I do own.
6.) Using the tip of my MAC 213 shader brush, I then applied Satellite Dreams underneath my eye. I also applied a very thin line of black liner to the top and bottom of my lid.
7.) Using a MAC 224 tapered blending brush, I blended the colors together, making sure there were no harsh lines.
8.) I applied a coat of Makeup Forever's Smoky Aqua Lash, which is HORRIBLE. I decided to try this out after it got rave reviews from one of my YouTube makeup gurus. But I am very disappointed in it.
THAT'S IT! I hope you enjoyed learning how to get this look - and please remember I am not a makeup artist. I'm just a girl who likes to play with makeup!

Coach Nail Polish

My dad bought my mom and I Coach bags for Christmas - and we each got four cutely packaged nail polishes with our purchase! Above you can see swatches of the colors. These polishes are a holiday gift given to customers who spend $200 or more!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MRX Antiseptic Spray Blasts Away Blemishes

This weekend, I made a much-needed visit to George, my eyebrow waxer since high school! Often times when I visit George, I have one or two minor blemishes, mostly on my chin. George whips out what he call his "miracle MRX spray," sprays it on a cotton ball, and holds it on the blemish until I feel a tingling sensation. No lie - the blemish typically disappears the next day!

I purchased an 8 fl oz bottle of the spray from George for $7. My blemishes on my chin are gone. On the MRX bottle, it says the formula "kills staph and strep bacteria on contact," and can also be used "as a daily cleanser for an itcy oily scalp, acne and blemish control, a sanitizer for minor cuts and abrasions, and during manicures, pedicures, or ear piercings."

I have combination skin and this works for me. It's definitely well-worth trying out for $7, plus it can be used to treat many things. You can buy it now on eBay here.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tis the Season...For Red and Green Eyeshadow?

Christmas is right around the corner and makeup enthusiasts are celebrating with holiday eye looks! Last week, Kandee Johnson, a makeup guru I follow on YouTube, posted a look titled "Red Runway Eyes." Days later, another makeup guru I watch, Juicystar07, posted a "Wearable Holiday Look: Gold, Red, and Green" tutorial.

While I love green eyeshadow, I am not too sure how I feel about red eyeshadow. I don't even think I own one. Do you guys think it's worth the investment - or is it something you can only wear one time a year?

The above photo I posted is a look done by YouTube makeup guru, Kuuipo1207, who is unbelievable. You can find the tutorial for this look here.

Erasing Undereye Circles

I've always had bags under my eyes (even though you can't see them in the photos I took - but they are there!) and I've never been able to find something that completely covers them. While browsing through Macy's cosmestics counters on my lunch break one day, I stopped by BeneFit and found Erase Paste, "a brightening camoflauge for the eyes and face." I tried on the medium shade, and I must say I was impressed. The product is very creamy and can be applied just by dabbing it on with your finger. I ended up buying it for $26 (plus it came with a free subscription to US Weekly!) and it's now become a part of my daily makeup routine. Check out the before and after photos I posted for this product and let me know what you think. I know it's hard to tell the difference - in person, it's much different.

I wouldn't recommend running out right now to buy this product, even though I think it's good. Another (cheaper) option are Coastal Scents' Camo Quads. While I haven't tried them myself, many top-rated YouTube gurus rave about them. I am going to purchase one soon, whenever they come back in stock (sorry guys!). Plus, they are only $7.95!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

OPI RapiDry TopCoat = Bye Bye Smudges

If you're like me, the worst part about doing your nails is waiting for them to dry. Often times, I spend nearly a half an hour trying to paint them perfectly and then when I am done, I end up smudging them doing the stupidest things - one time I actually think I sat on my hands before my nails were dry. But with the OPI RapiDry TopCoat, you can say sayonara to smudged nails.

This topcoat literally dries in minutes. And it has a high-gloss finish. The only con about it is that it can be a bit pricey if you buy it in stores (the last time I saw it at ULTA, I could have sworn it was around $18). However, it is listed on Amazon for $12.

If you're like me and you can't sit still waiting for your nails to dry, then OPI RapiDry TopCoat is well worth the investment!


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