Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Get the Look: Plum Pretty Eyes

Hey everyone! So here's a look I did last night for a holiday party I went to with my girls. Keep in mind: I HATE the mascara that I am using right now. It's awful and it doesn't give my lashes any height plus it makes them stick together no matter how hard I try to separate them. Anyway, if you like this look, here's how I did it:
1.) Start by using your ring finger to gently pat on an eye primer to your eyelid all the way up to your browbone (two primer good choices are Urban Decay's Primer Potion and Two-Faced Shadow Insurance, which is what I use). A primer helps your shadow to stay on longer, plus it makes the colors of your shadow stand out more. If you don't have a primer, you can always use liquid foundation.
2.) Using my MAC 213 shader brush (there are many affordable dupes for this brush out there), I applied MAC's Hush eyeshadow to the inner corners of my eyelid and right underneath my browbone. Applying a light shimmer color to the inner corners of your eyelid helps to give a more awake, fresh look.
3.) I then flipped my MAC 213 brush over to the other unused side and applied MAC's Beautiful Iris eyeshadow to the middle portion of my lid. So, basically I sectioned my eyelid into three parts - the first being closest to the corners of my eye where I applied Hush, then this being the second part.
4.) Using the same MAC 213 brush (I just flipped it over again to the side I used Hush eyeshadow on), I patted on MAC's Satellite Dreams eyeshadow to the outer half of my eyelid. Then using my MAC 217 Blending brush, I took some more Satellite Dreams eyeshadow and blended it in windshield wiper motions into my crease (your crease is that part of your eye that sinks into your eyesocket).
5.) Using the MAC 217 brush again, I swept MAC's Fig 1 eyeshadow into the outer V of my eyelid (watch this tutorial on how to find your "outer V"). The more dark color you apply to the outer V of the lid, the "smokier" and more dramatic your eye will be. A MAC 217 brush is not the most ideal brush for this look. You really need a crease brush like this one, which I do own.
6.) Using the tip of my MAC 213 shader brush, I then applied Satellite Dreams underneath my eye. I also applied a very thin line of black liner to the top and bottom of my lid.
7.) Using a MAC 224 tapered blending brush, I blended the colors together, making sure there were no harsh lines.
8.) I applied a coat of Makeup Forever's Smoky Aqua Lash, which is HORRIBLE. I decided to try this out after it got rave reviews from one of my YouTube makeup gurus. But I am very disappointed in it.
THAT'S IT! I hope you enjoyed learning how to get this look - and please remember I am not a makeup artist. I'm just a girl who likes to play with makeup!

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