Friday, December 11, 2009

Erasing Undereye Circles

I've always had bags under my eyes (even though you can't see them in the photos I took - but they are there!) and I've never been able to find something that completely covers them. While browsing through Macy's cosmestics counters on my lunch break one day, I stopped by BeneFit and found Erase Paste, "a brightening camoflauge for the eyes and face." I tried on the medium shade, and I must say I was impressed. The product is very creamy and can be applied just by dabbing it on with your finger. I ended up buying it for $26 (plus it came with a free subscription to US Weekly!) and it's now become a part of my daily makeup routine. Check out the before and after photos I posted for this product and let me know what you think. I know it's hard to tell the difference - in person, it's much different.

I wouldn't recommend running out right now to buy this product, even though I think it's good. Another (cheaper) option are Coastal Scents' Camo Quads. While I haven't tried them myself, many top-rated YouTube gurus rave about them. I am going to purchase one soon, whenever they come back in stock (sorry guys!). Plus, they are only $7.95!

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