Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MRX Antiseptic Spray Blasts Away Blemishes

This weekend, I made a much-needed visit to George, my eyebrow waxer since high school! Often times when I visit George, I have one or two minor blemishes, mostly on my chin. George whips out what he call his "miracle MRX spray," sprays it on a cotton ball, and holds it on the blemish until I feel a tingling sensation. No lie - the blemish typically disappears the next day!

I purchased an 8 fl oz bottle of the spray from George for $7. My blemishes on my chin are gone. On the MRX bottle, it says the formula "kills staph and strep bacteria on contact," and can also be used "as a daily cleanser for an itcy oily scalp, acne and blemish control, a sanitizer for minor cuts and abrasions, and during manicures, pedicures, or ear piercings."

I have combination skin and this works for me. It's definitely well-worth trying out for $7, plus it can be used to treat many things. You can buy it now on eBay here.

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