Friday, January 1, 2010

MAC 7 Lash: Big Disappointment

Now I'm sure many of you are going to disagree with me on this one, but I was not impressed with MAC's 7 lashes. I bought them for my New Year's look (I tried to take a photo for you guys but it didn't work out - so I'll just redo the look for this blog).

Here's what I didn't like about them: I told the MAC makeup artist that I wanted a fairly natural lash that was just going to give me a hint of volume and length. When I put these on my eyes, I felt like I had long spider legs on. I hated the spacing in between the lashes as well. I thought that added to the fake look.

Since I've never really worn lashes before, I did have some difficulty putting them on. After several trys, I finally got the right eye to work. But my left eye was doomed. I ended up taking the lashes off and going without them. Sadly, $12 wasted.

I will give MAC some credit though. The tracking of the lashes are very thin, which was nice because you could get them really close to the lashline. And the glue they offer for $8 is really good and I would recommend getting it.

All and all, maybe I would try MAC lashes again, but in another design. And I definitely need more practice in putting them on!

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