Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is Super Smooth, Straight Hair All in the Brush?

I have straight-yet-wavy hair, which I unfortunately iron everyday with my Chi. Why? Because I have a semi-edgy haircut (as you can see above) that I only like when it is stick straight. Problem: I can never seem to get it as straight and perfect as my hairdresser.

According to my hairdresser, here's the secret: Pull a comb through your hair as you are straightening it with the iron (as demonstrated in this YouTube video). So, I used to have the same comb as the girl in the YouTube vid I just posted, but, unfortunately, it broke. In its place, I bought the above Conair "Go Straight" brush, which has thick bristles that grab onto your hair and pull it straight.

My thoughts: this brush is bulky and hard for me to operate with my left hand. I can't get it really close to my roots either. And when I pull the brush through, it makes me hair static-y. All and all, I am not loving this brush. But, hopefully, I'll get the hang of pulling the brush through my hair with my left hand while ironing my hair with the right!

I'd love to hear your thoughts about the brush above or any other tools you use to get perfectly straight! Comment below! :)


  1. i have a similar haircut, but have very curly hair. my friend can straigten her hair with a hairdryer + brush, but i can seem to manage that. the way i do my hair is by sectioning it, then combing it , straignting it then combing it again. good luck ! xo

  2. This Conair Brush just looks awkward to me xD I now it's a stupid advice, but just keep practicing with the comb! Last week, I spent over an hour in front of my mirror, trying to do french braids! And after that hour, I got it xD so you could practice first without the heat of the straightener. =) good luck