Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Hair Straightening Product that Works...and Smells Like Cake!

Hey everyone - so I wanted to tell you about a product that I have been using for the past year and love. I first learned about Unite's Lazer Straight Relaxing Fluid from my hair stylist at James Joseph Studio (thanks Kelly!). She always puts this product into my hair when it's wet and I literally salivate immediately because it smells just like cake! But besides the incredible - and dangerous smell - Unite's Lazer Straight Relaxing Fluid works. I have wavy hair and right now I'm trying to grow it longer (I have layers) so it's in a kind of weird state. What I like is that this product does not weigh your hair down like other straighteners. According to Unite's website, the Lazer Straight Relaxing Fluid "enhances weightless shine, smoothes and tames curly, wavy, or frizzy hair, acts as a thermal protectant, and you will never feel more in control." I apply this product in my hair daily, after using shampoo and conditioner and then quickly drying off my hair in a towel. I use a comb to brush it through my hair.

So, if you like straight hair - and cake! - then this product is for you!

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